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Happy New Year 2017!

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“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. ” 
— Martin Luther King, Jr.
Happy New Year! I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful holiday season and have already begun 2017 on a positive note! May this year be filled with amazing, healthy, happy, positive possibilities!

Have you, like so many people, made any “New Year’s Resolutions” only to find that you don’t know where to begin, or maybe you’ve set out to start something new and can’t seem to prioritize your time and actions? The word “resolution” according to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary states: “the act or process of resolving: as a:  the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones; b:  the act of answering:  solving c:  the act of determining… and so much more!
Is there something in your life you feel you need to resolve, change and/or improve? As you look back on 2016, acknowledge your accomplishments no matter how big or small you feel they may be. Maybe you cleaned out a drawer or closet and gave away items to charity; finally finished a project; set a new health or financial goal and have already begun taking the steps! There are so many goals and dreams that are within each one of us; that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, not really knowing where to begin.
My suggestion is to first list the top three things you would like to change, improve, begin or do in 2017; prioritizing each goal in the order of importance. Dream big, but realistically.
  1. Write down “why” you want to do/accomplish each thing and how it will improve your life in a positive way. Also, think outside yourself and how it may affect those around you! When you break it down in that manner, it will seem much more manageable. Take one step at a time, and when you complete each step, acknowledge it by celebrating!
 The celebration can be as simple as:
  • taking a break and dancing to your favorite music, or
  • going for a long walk in pleasant surroundings outdoors, or
  • calling a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while, or
  • treating yourself to a fancy coffee or tea!
When we acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest successes, it creates more positive energy and motivation to continue until we ultimately achieve our goals and dreams!
If you feel you could use some expert guidance, clarification, inspiration and motivation, it’s as simple as a phone call or email away. I am here to inspire, motivate and guide you in every way I can! I offer private and group goal setting sessions where I will give you the mental tools to help you reach your goals and dreams!
I also have four events coming up very soon that may be just what you need in a group setting to get you to where you want to be in 2017 and beyond! I welcome you to check out our:
I wish you all the best in 2017 and always! Blessings to you and your loved ones!

Fastpitch Softball Player Pitching Fast Pitch Softball  Vector IAs we go through life many of us, myself included, make plans.  Even though everything is scheduled on the calendar and you have your days all set– WHACK, a curve ball hits you!

Just a few weeks ago, as my husband and I were having a nice quiet dinner at home, I had just taken a bite of food and a sharp pain went shooting up into my mouth and jaw.  I dropped my fork and knife, ran upstairs, rinsed my mouth out, flossed and brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror.  O.M.G.!  One of my teeth was split in half!

The next morning I called my dentist and he took me in on an emergency basis, removing the broken half of the tooth. He was hoping the tooth would be salvageable, but it wasn’t.  He referred me to an oral surgeon and I made an appointment.  For a few days I could only eat soft foods and only chew on one side.  Soon after, I starting getting a shooting pain on the other side of my jaw! I called my dentist who took me on an emergency basis again and said it was my last remaining wisdom tooth–  the good news was that the oral surgeon could extract both of them at the same time!

The bright side of this whole experience is that my husband and I got to spend a whole day together and, although he has always been warm and caring, he was so nurturing making sure that I had everything I needed to follow the doctor’s protocol. This experience actually forced me to relax and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which for me is almost an impossible feat! I have always been energetic, so this was a challenge! I also choose to see the underlying blessing of having both teeth removed at the same time instead of having this experience twice!

So in conclusion the old saying, “look for the silver lining,” in situations that feel like a curve ball has been thrown your way, rings true!

I remember when I was in elementary school, I drew a picture of a horse’s head when the teacher told us to draw a picture of an animal we liked.  That was the first and last time that I felt I had artistic abilities.

My mom and dad were both artists. My mom used to sketch and use water colors designing women’s clothing. My father was a sketch artist as well.  When my children were in school, they both would draw and paint amazing pictures! I thank God they got the artist genes from my parents. In fact, I have one of my son’s paintings in my therapy office and my daughter’s painting in my living room at home. Everyone that sees them is amazed.

Over the years, I would attempt to draw figures or scenes and felt less than adequate. I then decided IMG_0086several months ago to try an art class. I signed up for a water colors class at a local community center and I felt that I did an “okay” job. The teacher expressed that I made a great “sky with clouds.” I brought my little painting home and my husband was so proud!  He said that I should continue to take art classes. That night, we had dinner with my husband’s uncle who is truly an outstanding artist. When I told him that I took a water colors class. He said “Oh no, you never start with water colors– that is too hard! Try a regular painting class with acrylics.”

A few months later I took a class at “Blank Canvas” in Thousand Oaks and recently celebrated a friend’s birthday and painted this picture! I am inspired to continue discovering my inner artist.


Graduates hands throwing graduation hats in the sky

Are you a parent who has put your whole heart and soul into raising your children? You made sure they received the education they needed; you involved them in sports and other extra-curricular activities; you may have been a coach or mentor and now they are graduating! Many moms and dads have put so much time, effort and energy into raising their kids – which I totally honor them for – they may have even put their careers and lives on hold.

I remember those days. As a young mother, I opted to quit my job and take a break until my daughter was 6 years old and my son was 3 years old.  I immersed myself into raising my kids the best way I knew how – even making homemade baby food from scratch and nursing them. Then, when they began pre-school and first grade, I needed more in my life. I started working part-time and then after 6 months, my part-time job turned into a full-time position. Although I worked 40+ hours per week, I was still as involved as I could be in my children’s lives with school and sports. Looking back, I now wonder how I juggled all of that!

Are you finding yourself always juggling, trying to be everything to everyone you care about? It can sometimes be overwhelming. But then, when they are all grown up, graduating from high school and college, you realize they turned out to be wonderful adults and it was all worth it! For some parents, this may be the first time your children are living away from home and are creating their own lives.

What direction are you heading? Are you picking up where you left off in your career or beginning a new career? Maybe, you now have free time to vacation with your spouse or partner.  With any of these different scenarios, having an outlet to relieve stress and anxiety is so important. Practicing self-care is vital for you and your loved ones so that you can and will make a new life for yourself, while still being an integral part of your children’s lives.

Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.With Spring in the air, what I think most about is blooming flowers, gentle breezes, fresh air, and intermittent showers with the sun breaking through. The first day of Spring is March 20th. For many, Spring break is a time to vacation, a time to enjoy family and friends and/or a time for relaxation. Spring also inspires people to “spring forward” in a positive direction with energy to be more physically active outdoors.

Spring also brings to mind motivation to “spring clean” homes, offices, vehicles, etc. for a fresh new start. Most people consider spring cleaning, as cleaning out their belongings— giving away clothing and shoes they no longer use, shredding old papers, weeding their yards and so on. When you physically clean and clear out the clutter, it actually has a positive mental and emotional effect that helps de-clutter your mind! When you let go of things in your life that you no longer need or want, it is a physical and emotional release of stress, anxiety, and even physical weight! Many people feel as though a weight has been lifted, which may also manifest in the physical release of body weight!

What is it in YOUR life that you would like to “spring clean” and let go of? Negative thoughts and feelings? Holding on to emotional pain? Letting go of the past, so that you can see clearly into your future is vital for your mind, body and spirit health and wellbeing. If you have created a mental vision and/or an actual vision board that depicts how you want your future to be, but your space and environment is cluttered with things from the past that no longer serve you well, then your vision will be clouded or blocked.

Hypnotherapy, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindfulness coaching are wonderful and effective tools to help you break through to be the best you can be!


Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.When you hear the phrase “sexy, savvy successful, women,” what do you think about?

What does “sexy” mean to you? Many of the women we see in ads and films have what we perceive to be the perfect bodies- tall, lean and curves in the “right places”. When I was a little girl I was raised playing with Barbie® dolls. “Barbie®” was always what I was aspiring to look like and always fell short (pun intended, I’m only 5’1″!- although, I never wanted to be blonde!). Fast forward to now – I am over 60 and have realized that being lean and healthy is simply a lifestyle that makes me feel good. Sexiness begins within your own mind and heart! I certainly believe and encourage all women to practice self-care, to eat healthfully, drink lots of water, exercise on a regular basis and take time for rest and relaxation. To me, all of that equals sexiness!

Self confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. While being easily approachable, be self confident in who you are, what you stand for and what you want in your life.

To be “savvy” is to be sharp-witted and intelligent in the realities of life. I would like you to take a moment right now to ponder what it is you are sharp-witted and knowledgeable about. Once you have done that, how does that make you feel? And what will you do to create a better life for yourself and those you care about? Even though it may be challenging to identify specifically what you are savvy about, think of something that you have accomplished, either personally or professionally, that gave you a feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction and fulfillment will point you toward that feeling of being savvy.

What does being “successful” mean to you? Is it that you raised a happy healthy family? Completed higher education? Started your own business? Or is it simply just to be content with how your life has unfolded? I know many people consider “being successful” as being financially wealthy and secure. How many people do you know that have an abundance of financial wealth but are not happy or healthy deep inside? How would you feel if you had a healthy balance in your life? Healthy mind, healthy body and healthy finances – all of this is possible! It all begins with your thoughts, your perceptions, your feelings and your actions (or inactions) which are always creating results in your life.

What is your vision of the sexiest, savviest and most successful woman? When you practice self care, self love, self awareness, self inspiration, this woman could be you!

Join us on Saturday February 6th to be your sexiest, savviest and most successful self just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating love of another or love for yourself, this will be a day that can change your life in a positive way! Register here!

Have you ever daydreamed, and that dream took you to a place and time where you really wanted to be? When I was a little girl living in L.A., my dream was to be on the beach in Hawaii. I wanted to go to Hawaii so badly that many days I would take a few minutes to either sit or recline, close my eyes, imagine and visualize myself in Hawaii with the sound of the ocean, the warm sand beneath my toes, the cool breezes, the salt-sea smell and fresh air, the palm trees blowing in the wind, and the gentle waves coming up to the shore. I imagined it so many hundreds of times over the years that it finally came true when I was 21 years old! I traveled and was able to explore four Hawaiian islands!

The power of visualization is not only psychological but neurological and emotional. When you visualize something that is important to you and bring up the feelings so deeply that you can actually smell the smells, hear the sounds and feel your surroundings, you will literally experience chemical changes in your body and your mind as if it is actually happening in reality.

Vision Board

Here’s an example of one of my vision boards!

So what does that this have to do with vision boards? First, you need to know what you want; then find pictures, words and phrases that depict exactly what it is you desire. Glue these pictures and words on a board, place the board in a prominent area where you will see it every day. Then, each and every day take a few minutes to look at it intensely and bring up the feelings that the images ignite! By practicing this, you are making your desires and dreams come alive by visually, emotionally and neurologically experience them as real. You may find that you have more motivation to take the steps to make your dreams a reality because your goals appear to be within your reach.

Once you have done this, you will prove to yourself that anything is possible!


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Remember the movie, “Back to the Future”? In the movie, they stated that October 21st, 2015 (then, 30 years into the future) that we would have flying cars and trains! Frankly, I am really happy we don’t have flying cars (yet!) because the way some drivers (including me) navigate the streets now tells me that we would all need EXTENSIVE training on how to operate the flying vehicle! …

Although, technology has gone fast forward with computers and cell phones. Everything we want is literally at our fingertips! With the touch of a button, you can access any kind of information you want from anywhere in the world. So, actually, we have come a long way in the past 30 years. I remember when I first learned how to type, we used the old-fashioned black typewriters with the heavy keys that you had to punch down and when you finished your sentence, you would have to forcibly, physically grab the handle and push the carriage back to the left in order to continue the next line of text!

Now fast forward, here we are in 2015 and the technology is so advanced that you can type a document and send it through the internet without physically mailing it! Now we have the ability to communicate verbally and in writing anywhere in the world at any time. In fact, with one of the newest technologies (“Siri” or “Cortana”), all you have to do is speak commands into your phone and it will perform the action for you and write text and emails for you! I remember when I was little, my mother absolutely loved talking on the phone with her best friends. When my brother and I needed to find our mom, all we had to do is follow the telephone wire and there she was on the other end—on the phone with her best friend!

Although these technological mechanisms of communicating with one another are wonderful and can be beneficial, I have noticed that time spent face-to-face is diminishing. I believe that we humans need physical contact and eye-to-eye interaction in order to build good, healthy relationships and better communication. In fact, it is medically proven that we humans need physical human touch to thrive.

How are you using your technology today? When you communicate with others, are you communicating positive, beneficial, inspiring messages or just the opposite? Let’s create a movement to send messages verbally and in written words that inspire and motivate people to have a more positive outlook in life!


Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.No matter what your age, every woman wants to be sexy savvy and successful. You will absolutely want to join us at Rosanne’s new and improved “Sexy, Savvy, Successful Women’s Workshop” on Saturday, October 17th!

Once you walk through the doors, you will instantly feel the positive, sexy energy exuding in the air. You will be welcomed with open arms and enjoy a healthy light breakfast with coffee and tea. The positive energy will be all around you from all of the presenters, who are eager to share their expertise, tips and tools on how to be the sexiest, most savvy and successful woman you can be!

Rosanne will begin by taking you through a mental exercise to prepare you to be receptive to the wonderful, sexy information from all of the professional women. Since we women are so multi-facetted, there will be a range of presenters that will help you to enhance your life from the inside, out. You will learn how nutrition plays a big part in your overall health and sexiness, with Peggy Rosenberg and Luisa Kahdeman, along with natural products to enhance your intimate experiences with Roylin Downs! You will discover how having healthy teeth and a sexy smile can improve your self esteem with Muntean Dentistry. Rhonda Clure and her pole fitness program will show you how to “capture the very essences of who you are”. Holly Julier, CPT will demonstrate how Pilates can strengthen and develop your sexy body. Julie Kraschinsky will educate and demonstrate the importance of skin care in enhancing your facial features overall healthier, smoother skin. Enjoy experiencing affordable, high-end, unique LA-based clothing with Rebecca Bertram and Andrea Santillon-Michaels and accessories for every outfit from Deborah DeFoe’s designer fashion jewelry!

Throughout the day, Rosanne will take you through a variety of mental exercises to help you release any less-than-positive thoughts and feelings and help you to tap into the essence of your sexiness!

Join us October 17th for a unique, experiential, inspirational, motivational day!

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Fall… the time of year where, in most areas, the weather starts cooling down. Some of the leaves are turning and, for many people, it is the trigger to get them in the holiday mood. Some people and several stores have already put up their Halloween decorations to begin the holiday season. Fall is also the time when most students are back in school—the hustle and bustle of school buses, parents dropping their kids off at school, all of the after school activities, sports, homework and then the excitement of the upcoming holidays are in full swing! Fall may also be the time that we start assessing how the year has progressed and we think about the New Year’s goals that we set in January.

In the beginning of October, we realize that there are only 90 more days left in the year. We may think about whether we have accomplished or superseded our expectations or if we’re going to give this last quarter of the year a huge boost to achieve and/or exceed the goals we set out to accomplish.

Wherever you are right now, do you have a strategy to complete this year on a positive and successful note? If so, congratulations! If you haven’t quite reached your goals, do you have a plan to do so by the end of year? Consider this your call-to-action to be motivated to close out this year on a positive note and begin 2016 with enthusiasm!

If you need or want help and/or a boost of encouragement and direction, call me and we will strategize together to achieve everything you want in your life personally and professionally!

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