Astoria, Oregon – The Astoria Column is a tower overlooking the mouth of the Columbia River on Coxcomb Hill in the city of Astoria.







My husband Doug and I with our 8-month-old Labrador Retriever, Lucy, and our dear friends just came back home last week from a 5-week interstate trip with our RVs! We all enjoyed exploring new states of the USA and little quaint burgs along the way. One of our adventures was exploring and climbing up to the top of “The Astoria Column” in Oregon. It was so amazing with a breath-taking view from the top! The etching/artwork on the outside of the Column is so beautiful and magnificent!  The bonus was that we got a good workout. It was such a beautiful day with some scattered puffy white clouds. We could see the magnificent vista for miles!

We also went into very quaint little towns with some great food and souvenirs!  When we travel to different places, we always purchase a magnet for our RV refrigerator to memorialize our travels!

We had lunch at one of the little bistros, and the proprietors were two women who were so entertaining! The four of us were the only customers there, and the ladies told us personal stories that had us all cracking up with laughter!

I encourage you to make time for yourself, practice self-care and expand your horizons in every way possible that is fun and healthy.

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