I am a true believer in Divine intervention! Over 20 years ago, in my previous profession, I was working at a law firm as the Office Manager and personal secretary to one of the partners; when one of the secretaries came up to me and said that one of her son’s friends had testicular cancer!  His friend was about the same age as my son. I immediately called my son, Joseph, and told him what I had just heard. There was silence on the other end. Joseph, said he thought something was wrong in that part of his body! I of course reached out to a medical professional immediately for him to schedule a checkup and whatever else he needed to have done as soon as possible.

We were able to make a medical appointment right away. Joseph wanted me to be there to hear what the doctor determined and what procedures he needed. I of course was on pins and needles hoping it was not cancer. Unfortunately, after all the CT scans, MRIs, blood tests and physical exams, it was testicular cancer on one side.  My son was comfortable with me being with him before, waiting during and after his surgery. Thank God, my son Joseph is living a healthy life now, and he goes to his regular checkups and additional ones when something doesn’t feel right.  I thank God every day for my son’s health and wellbeing.  There is nothing more important than your health in your mind and body.