Acting & Performance

“A Positive Life Begins with a Positive Mind.”

Rosanne has helped many actors/actresses achieve their goals of confidence at auditions and getting the work they desire. Some have even created their own live stage plays!


The key goals that Rosanne has helped successful actors/actresses achieve are:

  1. Overcoming fear of rejection
  2. Relieving anxiety over large amount of competition
  3. Overcoming fears of not getting enough work
  4. Improving self confidence in their talents and abilities
  5. Overcoming fears of “being too old” in the film industry

Meet Holly, who has been an actress for most of her life.  She always had a dream to write and produce a film, but never felt she had the courage to achieve it.  Rosanne’s techniques and expertise in hypnotherapy helped Holly get from idea, to inspiration, to motivation, to completion.

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