Bad Habits

“A Positive Life Begins with a Positive Mind.”

Are you tired of your “bad or unhealthy habits”? Do you have habits that annoy even you? Do you bite your fingernails, pick your cuticles, twist and/or pull your hair, or you may have a tic

Free yourself now!

Do you feel, or have you been diagnosed with “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” (OCD)? When you do anything repetitively, it can become a habit and create neural pathways; therefore, you can reverse a habit that you want to let go of and never have again!

The good news is, you are the only one who is in control of what you think about and what you do. It does take daily practice (21-44 consecutive days) for you to refrain from those nervous habits. You can then create healthier, beneficial habits.

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