Hypnosis to Stop Smoking!


Are you judged by people because you smoke? Are your teeth yellow? Does your hair, skin, clothing and breath smell like smoke and/or an ashtray? Are you ready to quit smoking once and for all so you can be free from that shredded tobacco in little pieces of paper? Be smoke free and extend the quality of your life now with the Hypnosis to Stop Smoking now!

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Is smoking a habit or an addiction? It’s both! Whether you started smoking because of peer pressure when you were a teenager or young adult, or if you were brought up in a home of smokers and it was the norm, or a stressful situation came up and you started smoking, smoking has become an addiction and a habit.

Why do you want to stop smoking now?

Is it because you are concerned about your health, are already experiencing some health problems, and maybe you’ve even received a warning and suggestion from your doctor? Are you wheezing and/or coughing? Is it because the people that care about you and are around you want you to stop? Is it because it’s not socially acceptable or ‘cool’ anymore?

Is it because your breath, skin, hair, clothing, vehicle and/or home smell like an ashtray all the time? Even if you are fastidious about brushing your teeth, refreshing your breath with mints and/or gum, washing your face and hands, etc., everyone around you can still smell the smoke on you. Even if you stay outdoors while smoking and linger after you’ve finished your last cigarette, the smoke is still in your lungs for quite a long time and can be smelled by whomever you’re speaking with. When you step inside your home or car, the smell is on your body, in your hair, on your skin and in your lungs. Are your teeth, fingers and fingernails yellow? Do you have pucker wrinkles around your mouth? Is your skin and hair dull? Do you feel you’re being judged by non-smokers when in public? Do you feel like an outcast when you have to remove yourself and step outside and smoke only in certain restricted areas?

If YOU are ready and want to quit smoking for YOU (and nobody else), now is the time to free yourself from the addiction and stop the unhealthy habit of smoking with the power of hypnosis. It’s alright to want to quit because of your loved ones, but you must be ready to quit because YOU WANT TO QUIT, not just because they want you to. By giving yourself permission to allow me to help you help yourself, you will discover the power of your subconscious mind. You will free yourself from the addiction, and unhealthy habits will be replaced with healthy new habits so you can live a healthier, smoke-free life! Don’t be surprised that by ‘lifting the cloud that’s been hanging over you’, you will experience freedom in other areas of your life. You may even discover that the ‘cloud’ was holding you back from new opportunities, personally and/or professionally!

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