Have you ever made specific plans for your life, and then you were thrown a wrench (so to speak) into your plans? This happened to me recently….

I am a person who is very careful and aware of everything I plan in my personal and professional life. In my opinion, it makes it a little easier to plan what is most important in your life and the people you care about; although sometimes I think outside the box and love to be spontaneous and have fun!

Recently, I ended up seeing multiple doctors and then Urgent Care and ultimately a stay in the hospital for several days! I had not been feeling my best self, and then the pain reared its ugly head! It was not Covid-related. I did practice self-hypnosis; but sometimes I was interrupted by the nurses, other patients, beeping sounds, bright lights, etc.

Thank God I am home, and definitely on the mend, and getting stronger and healthier each and every day! I am adhering to the doctors’ orders and taking one day at a time and being super careful with what I do, eat, drink, etc. (which I actually always did). It has definitely been a challenging journey!  I am so blessed to have my husband, Doug, by my side throughout this whole ordeal, and my grown kids, family and friends praying for me and reaching out to me.  In fact, on Christmas Eve, my kids purchased, cooked, served and cleaned up a delicious, magnificent meal for everyone!

My message to you is, do not take anything or anyone for granted, especially your health and your loved ones.  Each and every day is so very precious!