As a woman born in our great country of the United States of America, I cherish all our freedoms. I never take for granted that we can create the life we desire. We can choose what type of business or job we want; we can create new ideas and opportunities, new apps and businesses that will provide income for others, etc. We truly are the greatest nation in the world, and we all should honor the privileges and freedoms we enjoy every day; and not take them for granted. I for one, am honored and privileged to have been born in our great USA!

My maternal Grandmother and her two youngest sisters immigrated from Sicily to the USA to flee from Benito Mussolini’s reign. They lived on a farm with all kinds of animals. My dear grandmother was the second oldest of 12 children! My Nana was the top seamstress for a well-known clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, California; and she lived to 97+ years old!

As we celebrate our Independence Day this weekend, remember that our freedoms in our great USA should not be taken for granted. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful weekend filled with joy, laughter, great food, and fun!

Here is a link to the history of the 4th of July: