When the pandemic began and spread to the United States, and there was a mandated “Stay at Home Order”, I had to pivot my business from being “in-person” to “virtual”, like millions of other professionals. This was completely new, foreign, and frightening to me, as I am quite technologically challenged!

I have been in my private hypnotherapy and coaching business for over 20 years, and I have always seen clients in person in my lovely professional therapy office. Occasionally, I would conduct phone sessions for individuals who live out of state and/or out of the country, and then send them the recording. I have conducted sessions over the phone in the past long before we had the technology we have now.

I was terrified that in the middle of an online session, the technology would stop working, disconnect or otherwise beat me on the head with confusion! So, I did what any woman would do and called my best friend since first grade, who runs her own business entirely through internet and phone communications. My best friend was and is a lifesaver!

I asked her if she could train me on how to use Zoom as a good platform to conduct my therapy sessions. She has the patience of Job; and thank God, we are still best friends! She helped me set up my secure paid Zoom account, and then went on to train me and practice dozens of times with me until I felt completely comfortable and secure doing it on my own.

I currently record the hypnosis part of the sessions and send my clients their custom MP3 recordings through Dropbox for reinforcement. However, in the end, all this drama turned out to be a real blessing, as my husband and I are beginning to spend more time on the road with our RV. Now I can conduct sessions remotely and still provide the benefits of my hypnotherapy and coaching to my clients, while enjoying our time away together!

If you are interested in setting up a discovery call, please call me at 1-818-262-1246.