If you are a teen, have a teen and/or you know any teens, there are so many pressures and challenges that teens experience frequently, and many on a regular and even daily basis. This is so true, now more now than ever before in history! So much of this is due to social media and trying to always “keep up”!        CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO!

We have all been given the gift of “communication” with social media and other technological tools, but it can be a double-edged sword. With ease of technology and all communication modalities literally at our fingertips, you can either encourage and uplift people, or you can bring them down, hurt and destroy their self-esteem. There is an elevation of bullying at a level unseen in history, in large part using the vehicle of social media. It can be very devastating to some. In fact, there is a deeply concerning and frightening rise in the number of teens experiencing depression and anxiety; with annual suicides in teens increasing! The numbers of suicides are higher with boys than girls. This is of course shocking, and very disturbing and horrible!  

If you are past your teens, do you remember any challenges you encountered as a teen? How did you handle them? Were you from a “broken home”? Did you experience and have the support of your parents, grandparents, mentors, and/or teachers; or did you have to go through all the challenges alone, or only able to talk to your best friend about it? How did you handle those challenges?

On top of that, when I was nine years old, my parents separated. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. My dear Dad was in and out of our lives four different times. It was not until my dear Mom got breast cancer and had to have a radical mastectomy that my Dad came back home for good.

When I look back on my teenage years, my family and I lived in Los Angeles just a couple of miles from the Greek Theater and the Observatory. We moved to that neighborhood when I was 11 years old. I was a late bloomer, and my mother kept taking me to the doctor to see why I was not developing like she had. I had low self-esteem due to my genetic skeletal issues, having to wear orthotic shoes (which were not cool at all) and being the last girl in my class to get my “period”.

I cannot imagine having gone through all that with the additional peer pressure that would have resulted at that time had there been access to social media.

With all that I experienced throughout my teen years; I felt a deep desire to help teens now more than ever! Teens are our future, and they are under so much pressure to keep up with social media, scholastics, family issues, broken homes, living part-time with one parent, then the other, or living with grandparents.

This is the reason I came up with a program to help teens and their parents. I created two comprehensive copyrighted programs; one for my hypnotherapy college and one for coaches and teachers. My hypnotherapy program was accepted by the directors of the hypnotherapy college I received my certifications at, stating that it is the first of its kind in over 51 years! My program contains hypnotic scripts, suggestions, and tools. The students that take and pass the course receive four (4) CEUs. I then went on to edit the hypnosis version and created my second version with guided imagery scripts, without hypnosis scripts. These programs help not only the teens, but their parents and their families. I give them tips and tools they can use anytime they face challenges.

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