I will never forget the day Karen Carpenter of “The Carpenters” Grammy-winning band, died of anorexia!  She was only 32 years old, 1 month shy of turning 33!  I was listening to the radio when I heard the horrible news.

I had been an anorexic for several years; because that was the only “control” I had over my life as a teen and young adult living in L.A. My dear mother, maternal grandmother and grandfather were quite obese. I did not want to be that way. My mom used to stuff her emotions down with food, anytime she was stressed, anxious or unhappy. There was a lot going on in our lives during my teen and young adult years; and I thought the only “control” I had over my life was starving myself and being as skinny as I could be!

I used to go to bed starving; and would have horrible nightmares! Apparently, my subconscious mind was communicating with me, but I ignored it! Until ……

The day I heard on the radio Karen Carpenter died of heart failure due to a long struggle with anorexia, on February 4, 1983! It was a big wakeup call for me, and it scared me to death! She was so young and talented! It was then that I realized starvation was not the way to stay slim. I knew then that I needed to eat healthfully throughout the day to keep my body from shutting down. I also wanted to be healthy, get married and have children.

There was also the famous “Twiggy” who was a super skinny model! So many of we teen and young-adult girls wanted to be skinny like Twiggy! She was 5’6” and weighed only 91 pounds in 1966!

Several years later, I realized that eating small nutritious meals and snacks about every 3 to 3-1/2 hours throughout the day, eating 5-6 times a day; and drinking lots of water before and after every meal and snack, would keep my weight down where I felt and looked slim and healthy. I also incorporated exercise into my daily routine.

As I continued educating myself on health and wellness, I created a comprehensive journal, “The Ultimate Vital Weight Release Management System”, and 12 corresponding hypnosis MP3s to guide, empower and inspire others to live leaner, firmer, healthier, happier lives! To check it out, just go to:  https://hypnovitality.com/products/mp3/release-weight-naturally/ and https://hypnovitality.com/products/mp3/book/vital-release-workbook/

I encourage everyone who has an eating disorder to seek professional psychological help so you can live a healthier, happier, more wonderful, fulfilling life!

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