Do you have habits that annoy even you? Do you bite your fingernails, pick your cuticles, twist and/or pull your hair, or you may have a ticFree yourself now!

In my personal and professional opinion, unhealthy habits are a sign of stress, anxiety, fear and/or depression. You may be feeling unappreciated, and you may have low self-esteem. Maybe you have been teased as a child or teen; or maybe you are from a “broken home” and are coaxed or forced to stay with a parent or grandparent you do not get along with and who may have his or her own dysfunction, stress and/or concerns.

I remember when I was only nine years old, my parents separated for a while. I was devastated! Since I had no control over what my parents did, I started the habit of picking my cuticles. In some way, it soothed me.

I have seen and worked with several people of all ages and stages of life to let go of those types of habits; and instill calmness, confidence and happiness in their lives!

You can take control of your life!

Are you tired of your “bad or unhealthy habits”? Do you bite your nails, pick your cuticles, pull at your hair, click your tongue or any other number of habits that you want to free yourself from? Do you feel, or have you been diagnosed with “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” (OCD)? When you do anything repetitively, it can become a habit and create neural pathways; therefore, you can reverse a habit that you want to let go of and never have again!

The good news is, you are the only one who is in control of what you think about and what you do. It does take daily practice (21-44 consecutive days) for you to refrain from those nervous habits. You can then create healthier, beneficial habits.

An example of repetition creating neural pathways is when you first learned the alphabet!  You had to say it, repeat it, then make a song out of it! Now you do not have to remember what the English alphabet is!

One way to relieve nervousness and/or stress, is to take in a few very deep breaths to calm you. One of my mantras is “your own deep breathing is nature’s tranquilizer”, and it can also be “nature’s energizer”, when you need a boost of positive energy! If you are stressed, tired or bored, stand up and take in 3-5 deep breaths, and you will shift your energy and feel great and more positive!

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