I know that many of you, including me, are getting a little weary of the pandemic that has ravaged our world for almost two years. I pray for all those who are dealing with this global health issue and those who have lost loved ones. My heart and prayers are with you and your families.

When the pandemic first began, I knew I could not see clients in person for hypnotherapy and coaching sessions. Everything in our world was shutting down! Would I need to simply change to phone sessions, which I did conduct hypnosis sessions with people out of state and out of the country over 20 years ago, when the technology was not as robust as it is now? Did I need to learn a new method of conducting client sessions?

Thank goodness the virtual alternatives are now mainstream so I can offer virtual or in-person sessions (practicing all the protocol) with my clients. Before the pandemic, I was not familiar with Zoom; but I knew utilizing it would be the key to stay in the business I love. I also upgraded my Zoom platform.

Now, I can “see” and conduct sessions virtually anywhere in the United States and other countries! With Zoom I can actually “see” the client clearly, while guiding them to create the life they desire and deserve!

Therefore, if you are unsure of something you desire and feel deserving of, sit back and imagine and visualize how you want your future to be, and change what you need to improve your life.

Anything and everything truly is possible when you put your mind to it!