Fastpitch Softball Player Pitching Fast Pitch Softball  Vector IAs we go through life many of us, myself included, make plans.  Even though everything is scheduled on the calendar and you have your days all set– WHACK, a curve ball hits you!

Just a few weeks ago, as my husband and I were having a nice quiet dinner at home, I had just taken a bite of food and a sharp pain went shooting up into my mouth and jaw.  I dropped my fork and knife, ran upstairs, rinsed my mouth out, flossed and brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror.  O.M.G.!  One of my teeth was split in half!

The next morning I called my dentist and he took me in on an emergency basis, removing the broken half of the tooth. He was hoping the tooth would be salvageable, but it wasn’t.  He referred me to an oral surgeon and I made an appointment.  For a few days I could only eat soft foods and only chew on one side.  Soon after, I starting getting a shooting pain on the other side of my jaw! I called my dentist who took me on an emergency basis again and said it was my last remaining wisdom tooth–  the good news was that the oral surgeon could extract both of them at the same time!

The bright side of this whole experience is that my husband and I got to spend a whole day together and, although he has always been warm and caring, he was so nurturing making sure that I had everything I needed to follow the doctor’s protocol. This experience actually forced me to relax and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which for me is almost an impossible feat! I have always been energetic, so this was a challenge! I also choose to see the underlying blessing of having both teeth removed at the same time instead of having this experience twice!

So in conclusion the old saying, “look for the silver lining,” in situations that feel like a curve ball has been thrown your way, rings true!

Relax and Unwind

With all of the hustle and bustle of summer, do you sometimes feel like your mind and your body are going in different directions? You may be trying to balance work, kids, vacations– and then, where is the time for you? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious? Are these feelings keeping you from truly enjoying summertime? If so, step back for a few moments. I suggest  you look at your calendar and block out 10-15 minutes per day to sit still or recline, relax, close your eyes and take in some deep breaths.

Once you close your eyes… Imagine that there is a beautiful, comforting, healing light shining on top of your head. Relaxing the top of your head, your neck, the back of your head, your facial muscles, your upper, middle and lower back, your abdominal area, your shins, calves, ankles and tops of your feet, the soles of your feet and toes. Imagine your body releasing tensions, anxieties and stresses. Now, think about one of the most pleasant places that you have ever been to.  Take in three deep breaths and bring up the pictures in your mind of that wonderful place– your favorite place, the feelings it brings you, the thoughts. Notice what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you are touching, what you are thinking, what you are feeling. Now take in 3 more deep breaths. Breath in what you see, hear, taste, what you are thinking and what you are feeling. This is your mini mental vacation that allows your body to relax to instill positive thoughts and feelings which can shift and uplift your mood. When you are ready, take in some more deep breaths, breathing in deeply– coming up to 1, another deep breath up to 2, another deep breath up to 3, a deep breath up to 4 breathing in everything you experienced, and then a deep energizing breath up to 5. This is simply a mini mental vacation that you can take any time when you are in a safe place to simply relax.


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Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, HypnosisAddictions…

It appears that many people use chemical substances such as cigarettes, marijuana, recreational drugs, alcohol and over-the-counter drugs to numb their emotional pains and discomforts but then, many times, it becomes an addiction. Alcohol seems to be the most “socially acceptable” chemical addiction that is served in many restaurants and has become a popular phenomenon in the wine-tasting industry. When I was a little girl, growing up in Los Angeles, my grandpa- an immigrant from Sicily- made homemade wine in barrels in the basement. It was only natural that the adults in the family always had a glass or two of wine with their meals. In most cultures, this is acceptable and normal, but it could also be a precursor to an addiction if abused.

Through hypnotherapy, I have been able to help and guide people of all ages to free themselves from addictive behaviors. With any chemical addiction, such as cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and alcohol, it actually takes only 72 hours for the addiction to leave the body.  After 72 hours, the rest is behavior modification. Through hypnotherapy and life and mindfulness coaching, I teach my clients how to help themselves and how to create healthier, more beneficial habits so they can live a life of freedom.

I remember when I was in elementary school, I drew a picture of a horse’s head when the teacher told us to draw a picture of an animal we liked.  That was the first and last time that I felt I had artistic abilities.

My mom and dad were both artists. My mom used to sketch and use water colors designing women’s clothing. My father was a sketch artist as well.  When my children were in school, they both would draw and paint amazing pictures! I thank God they got the artist genes from my parents. In fact, I have one of my son’s paintings in my therapy office and my daughter’s painting in my living room at home. Everyone that sees them is amazed.

Over the years, I would attempt to draw figures or scenes and felt less than adequate. I then decided IMG_0086several months ago to try an art class. I signed up for a water colors class at a local community center and I felt that I did an “okay” job. The teacher expressed that I made a great “sky with clouds.” I brought my little painting home and my husband was so proud!  He said that I should continue to take art classes. That night, we had dinner with my husband’s uncle who is truly an outstanding artist. When I told him that I took a water colors class. He said “Oh no, you never start with water colors– that is too hard! Try a regular painting class with acrylics.”

A few months later I took a class at “Blank Canvas” in Thousand Oaks and recently celebrated a friend’s birthday and painted this picture! I am inspired to continue discovering my inner artist.


Graduates hands throwing graduation hats in the sky

Are you a parent who has put your whole heart and soul into raising your children? You made sure they received the education they needed; you involved them in sports and other extra-curricular activities; you may have been a coach or mentor and now they are graduating! Many moms and dads have put so much time, effort and energy into raising their kids – which I totally honor them for – they may have even put their careers and lives on hold.

I remember those days. As a young mother, I opted to quit my job and take a break until my daughter was 6 years old and my son was 3 years old.  I immersed myself into raising my kids the best way I knew how – even making homemade baby food from scratch and nursing them. Then, when they began pre-school and first grade, I needed more in my life. I started working part-time and then after 6 months, my part-time job turned into a full-time position. Although I worked 40+ hours per week, I was still as involved as I could be in my children’s lives with school and sports. Looking back, I now wonder how I juggled all of that!

Are you finding yourself always juggling, trying to be everything to everyone you care about? It can sometimes be overwhelming. But then, when they are all grown up, graduating from high school and college, you realize they turned out to be wonderful adults and it was all worth it! For some parents, this may be the first time your children are living away from home and are creating their own lives.

What direction are you heading? Are you picking up where you left off in your career or beginning a new career? Maybe, you now have free time to vacation with your spouse or partner.  With any of these different scenarios, having an outlet to relieve stress and anxiety is so important. Practicing self-care is vital for you and your loved ones so that you can and will make a new life for yourself, while still being an integral part of your children’s lives.

Doug & RosanneThe names we were given at birth and the names we give ourselves are so individual and personal. When we were very young, we just accepted the names we were given by our parents, and they may even have had nicknames for us. Then, when we attended school, many of us were given nicknames by our classmates, and sometimes those nicknames were less than positive and did not make us feel good.

I was given the name “Rosanne” in honor of my father’s Aunt Rose who raised him after his mother died when he was 11 years old. She was a wonderful amazing woman! But, my dad wanted to spell my name differently than the norm; which of course brought about many people misspelling my name to this day! When I was very young, I didn’t really like my name because it wasn’t in style or ‘hip’! As I began to grow up, I liked my name because it was not common. Many kids teased me because I was so naïve` and very sheltered. I was nerdy and not very popular. I had to wear orthotic shoes from first through eighth grade that looked like white nurse’s shoes, which made me feel even more like a nerd!

You may wonder why I am telling you all of this. — My wonderful husband, Doug, recently found out that he was never officially adopted by his stepfather (MacDonald) and that his official legal birth last name was “Kingsbury”. Doug was born out of wedlock (he was the first born), and his mother did what she thought was best to give him the same last name as his brother’s father, her first husband. His dear mother, unfortunately is in the last stages of Alzheimer Disease, and will not know that her first born child has legally changed his last name back to his mother’s maiden name, in honor of her. His mother actually changed back to her maiden name before she became ill.

I am telling you this story, so that if and when you see my last name as “Kingsbury”, you will know why. Also, my nickname is “Rosy”, so you may see my name as Rosy Kingsbury. I told my husband, “I wish that you had found out about his true last name before we got married 16 years ago!” So, for business purposes, I am keeping the last name “MacDonald” for now, but may hyphenate it as well in the future.


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happiness, freedom, friendship, education and people concept - gDo you ever wonder how some people seem to always be happy? They always have a smile on their face. For some people, it may come naturally and, actually, genetics do play a part.

I am excited to announce that I am presenting this subject at the American Hypnosis Association Conference this Saturday, April 30th!

I will be teaching the students how to train their minds to let go of negative thoughts and instill positive thoughts and feelings. There is actual science behind positive thinking. Regardless of your genetics, environment and/or situations that come up, we as individuals are the only ones who have control over our own minds. The world would be a better place if everyone practiced being positive and happy! Happiness comes from within and it all begins with a thought.

You can begin your own journey to living a positive life now! “A positive life begins with a positive mind!” “Create a Positive Outlook” MP3:

Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.With Spring in the air, what I think most about is blooming flowers, gentle breezes, fresh air, and intermittent showers with the sun breaking through. The first day of Spring is March 20th. For many, Spring break is a time to vacation, a time to enjoy family and friends and/or a time for relaxation. Spring also inspires people to “spring forward” in a positive direction with energy to be more physically active outdoors.

Spring also brings to mind motivation to “spring clean” homes, offices, vehicles, etc. for a fresh new start. Most people consider spring cleaning, as cleaning out their belongings— giving away clothing and shoes they no longer use, shredding old papers, weeding their yards and so on. When you physically clean and clear out the clutter, it actually has a positive mental and emotional effect that helps de-clutter your mind! When you let go of things in your life that you no longer need or want, it is a physical and emotional release of stress, anxiety, and even physical weight! Many people feel as though a weight has been lifted, which may also manifest in the physical release of body weight!

What is it in YOUR life that you would like to “spring clean” and let go of? Negative thoughts and feelings? Holding on to emotional pain? Letting go of the past, so that you can see clearly into your future is vital for your mind, body and spirit health and wellbeing. If you have created a mental vision and/or an actual vision board that depicts how you want your future to be, but your space and environment is cluttered with things from the past that no longer serve you well, then your vision will be clouded or blocked.

Hypnotherapy, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindfulness coaching are wonderful and effective tools to help you break through to be the best you can be!


National Heart Health MonthWhen I think about the month of February, what first comes to mind is my heart and being “heart centered”. I also think about Valentine’s Day and what it means to me. February also marks my birthday, which is extra special because my son was born on the morning I turned 27, the best birthday present ever! So, naturally, I have many reasons why February is one of my favorite months of the year; and it just happens to be National Heart Health Month as well.

Are you taking good care of your heart? According to and the American Heart Association, the following are the most important tips to stay healthy and prevent heart disease (my remarks are in parenthesis):

  1. Healthy Eating (eat small, nutritious meals and snacks about every 3 hours throughout the day; i.e., lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and lots of water)

For more tips on healthy eating, click here.

  1. Weight Management (keeping your weight within 5 pounds of your ideal healthy weight)

To check your Body Mass Index (BMI) and find out what your ideal healthy weight is, click here.

  1. Physical Activity (every hour we need to get up, move our bodies and take in some deep breaths; i.e., go out for brisk walks at least 30 minutes per day)

For fitness basics, click here.

  1. Stress Management (positive thinking, finding pleasure in your life, gratitude and relaxation techniques are some of the keys to relieving stress)

For stress management tips, click here.

  1. Smoking Cessation (quitting smoking can save your life!)

For resources to quit smoking, click here.

6.  Get Restful Sleep (6-8 hours each night)

For resources to “Get Sleep Now”, click here.

For an article by the American Heart Association, click here.

With my specific expertise in hypnotherapy and my additional certification as a “hypnosis and weight-loss specialist”, I can help you along a heart-healthy path with all of the tips above!

Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.When you hear the phrase “sexy, savvy successful, women,” what do you think about?

What does “sexy” mean to you? Many of the women we see in ads and films have what we perceive to be the perfect bodies- tall, lean and curves in the “right places”. When I was a little girl I was raised playing with Barbie® dolls. “Barbie®” was always what I was aspiring to look like and always fell short (pun intended, I’m only 5’1″!- although, I never wanted to be blonde!). Fast forward to now – I am over 60 and have realized that being lean and healthy is simply a lifestyle that makes me feel good. Sexiness begins within your own mind and heart! I certainly believe and encourage all women to practice self-care, to eat healthfully, drink lots of water, exercise on a regular basis and take time for rest and relaxation. To me, all of that equals sexiness!

Self confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. While being easily approachable, be self confident in who you are, what you stand for and what you want in your life.

To be “savvy” is to be sharp-witted and intelligent in the realities of life. I would like you to take a moment right now to ponder what it is you are sharp-witted and knowledgeable about. Once you have done that, how does that make you feel? And what will you do to create a better life for yourself and those you care about? Even though it may be challenging to identify specifically what you are savvy about, think of something that you have accomplished, either personally or professionally, that gave you a feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction and fulfillment will point you toward that feeling of being savvy.

What does being “successful” mean to you? Is it that you raised a happy healthy family? Completed higher education? Started your own business? Or is it simply just to be content with how your life has unfolded? I know many people consider “being successful” as being financially wealthy and secure. How many people do you know that have an abundance of financial wealth but are not happy or healthy deep inside? How would you feel if you had a healthy balance in your life? Healthy mind, healthy body and healthy finances – all of this is possible! It all begins with your thoughts, your perceptions, your feelings and your actions (or inactions) which are always creating results in your life.

What is your vision of the sexiest, savviest and most successful woman? When you practice self care, self love, self awareness, self inspiration, this woman could be you!

Join us on Saturday February 6th to be your sexiest, savviest and most successful self just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating love of another or love for yourself, this will be a day that can change your life in a positive way! Register here!

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