How to lose your Covid-15+ in 12 weeks even if you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past.

About Your Speakers

Esta McIntyre, Owner/Director of “My Health Studio”, Certified Fitness Trainer

Esta McIntyre, is a Coach, Speaker, Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, and Author of “Fitness for Women Who Love to Eat and Hate to Move”.

When it comes to accomplishing what may seem like insurmountable goals, we all need some assistance.  Esta has spent the last 15 years escorting her clients through the maze of ever-changing fitness and lifestyle data to find what works for them.  She believes in sustainability.  If you can’t see yourself doing something for a lifetime, don’t go there.  Esta received her training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition as well as many other respected accredited institutions.  Having been raised in New York City, Esta takes a no-nonsense approach to staying fit and aging with grace.  She combines that with lots of humor, caring and hope.  Once you read her book, you’ll have a greater understanding of who she is.

Luisa Kahdeman – Certified Health Coach

14 years ago, Luisa was 41 years old and gave birth to twins. She gained 50 lbs. in the pregnancy and could not lose those last lingering 30 lbs. until she found Optavia. She lost 30 lbs. and now she’s helping others do the same.

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Dr. Debra Mandel, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Nationally renowned psychologist, author, and speaker, a.k.a. The Love Warrior, “Dr. Debra” Mandel, has over twenty-five years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families learn how to thrive, specializing in relationships, addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Dr. Debra adapts her style to meet her client’s needs, understanding no two people are exactly alike-hence, each requires individualized care!

Dr. Debra has authored four books, including Healing the Sensitive Heart (Adams Media, 2003), Your Boss Is Not Your Mother (Agate, 2006), and Dump That Chump (Harper Collins, 2007). She has appeared on hundreds of national TV and radio shows including, The Today Show and Tyra Banks. And she hosted her own radio show, The Dr Debra and Therapist Kelli Show, on, accumulating over a million listeners.  Dr. Debra also regularly contributes articles for and has been frequently quoted in numerous national magazines such as Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

Dr. Debra incorporates a variety of methods in her practice (including EMDR and EFT for trauma), using a compassionate tone coupled with an interactive approach. For more details on Dr. Debra’s practice and products, please visit her at

Tina Meyer, Licensed Massage Therapist


A graduate of the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, California. She also holds certificates in many different modalities and workshops completed at IPSB, The Massage School of Santa Monica, The Massage Center, and Thai Massage from the Thai Massage at the Institute of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2017 she received a certification in Reflexology through The American Academy of Reflexology and is also a National Board Certified Reflexologist.

Tina continues to take classes in both massage and reflexology to keep herself up to date with what is new in the field. She is also an educator at a local massage school and teaches specialty massage classes in Business Practice, Ethics, Chiropractic Massage, and Thai Massage.  To learn more about Tina Meyer, visit

Elisa Ellis, Wardrobe Stylist

For close to a decade, Elisa Ellis has been transforming closets and the lives of women everywhere. Her impeccable sense of style is what sets her apart from her peers and her clients can’t get enough of her expertise. Elisa isn’t interested in trends – she is incredibly passionate about helping her clients look and feel their very best in every conceivable situation and she will stop at nothing until she has achieved the perfect look.

Elisa graduated from UCLA in 1993 and went on to have a successful career as an event planner at UCLA and Stanford University. In 2013, a move with her family to Westlake Village, CA changed her career focus and she became a stylist full time. Since then, Elisa has been helping her clients find new ways to style outfits, organize their closets, coordinate spectacular outfits, as well as shop for new, timeless pieces. Elisa is passionate about
helping her clients find new levels of confidence by elevating their style so that they look good and feel good when they walk out the door, into a board room, or up onto a stage.  Elisa can be contacted at or (650) 799-7123

Isabel Gomes, Photographer

Isabel Gomes of Isabel Lawrence Photographers has been creating images for over 20 years. Her areas of expertise are headshots, portraits, corporate and social events, and lifestyle photography.

She has photographed many celebrities and her work has appeared in publications like Town & Country, People and InStyle as well as the Oprah and Rachel Ray shows.

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