What is Hypnosis, REALLY?


Woman at therapy with therapist taking notesHypnosis and hypnotherapy often get a reputation that is less than positive.  With participants in stage shows squawking like chickens and barking like dogs, it is hard to see hypnosis for what it really is!  What I aim to achieve in this blog is to educate you about what hypnosis truly is and how it can benefit you.

Q: What is hypnosis and what does hypnosis feel like?

A: Everyone experiences the hypnotic (trance) state differently. There is no way to predict how you will feel or react, but most people feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Some people have said they feel like they’re floating on a cloud, feel a tingling sensation, it feels like an “emotional spa”, or feels euphoric. Others say it feels like a deep sleep. Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation and calmness. Your physical body becomes very comfortable and your mind is more alert and receptive than in your normal state of awareness. You are actually in a heightened awareness. In fact, most people experience their senses being more heightened and sensitive while under hypnosis. Hypnosis also helps to give you direction and clarity in your life.

Everyone goes in and out of different states of hypnosis (trance) dozens or even hundreds of times a day! Have you ever day-dreamed and your mind took a little vacation? Your mind has opened up another avenue of energy. That span of time that your mind has taken you to is a form of hypnosis.

Q: Will I lose control? Is hypnosis “mind control”?

A: No, absolutely not! Actually, you are in complete control and can hear and respond to everything while under hypnosis. In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You give yourself permission to go into hypnosis, which then allows the skilled hypnotherapist to guide you to help facilitate the changes you desire.

I understand your concern with “control”. You may have seen or heard about hypnosis stage shows where the individuals who were hypnotized acted in strange or silly ways, and when they were awakened, they did not remember a thing! This may be entertaining, and it is real hypnosis; although, it is a misconception and should not be confused with skilled clinical hypnotherapy which offers a process that can help you achieve your goals, your dreams and your desires. Your mind is very powerful. It is the greatest asset you have. Think about something in your life that you really wanted, and nothing and no one was going to stop you from attaining it. You were driven by a strong desire, and you put your mind to achieving that goal.

Q: Do you have to believe in hypnosis in order for it to work?

A: You do not have to “believe” in how hypnosis works in order for it to work for you. I will help you get in touch with your mind.  If you have a strong desire to want to create changes and/or enhance your life, hypnosis will work for you. It’s simply mind over matter. Just believe in yourself and the power of your own mind. I will help you and guide you to achieve your goals, your dreams and your desires.

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