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Mindfulness, self awarenessSelf-awareness begins with being in touch with your thoughts and emotions.  Ultimately, you will become aware of signals that your body is giving you that could help you resolve a concern or issue before it escalates.

Some people call this intuition, others call it self-awareness. I believe that it’s a combination. Some medical professionals believe that by the time your body presents a symptom, that part of your body is already at 40% less optimal function.  Imagine becoming aware before it gets to that point!

To become more self-aware, you need to be still in your mind and body.  Every day take a few moments without distractions to be still in a calm and safe place. Close your eyes and get in touch with what is going on inside your mind and body. Become aware of your muscles, your intestinal tract, the rhythm of your body and your breathing. If you become aware of anything that seems out of balance or unusual, make a note.

Do a mental and visual body scan.  A mental body scan is being aware and getting in touch with what is truly going on in your mind and connecting with your emotions.  Your mind, your body and your spirit are holistically connected and affect one another. Now, physically check your body. If you see or feel anything unusual or out of the ordinary, try to distinguish if this is a physical concern that needs to be checked out by a professional.

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