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Positive Thinking

“A positive life begins with a positive mind.” – Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.

Positive thinking is being used as a term in so many different arenas. The power of positive thinking is greater than many other forces in the universe. Due to the primitive mind, dating back to primal times when we humans always had to be on alert for dangerous and/or compromising situations, our human brains are wired to think negatively first. This is why negative thoughts can easily fill our minds. Experts assert that approximately 40%-80% of our thoughts default to negative!

Even the environment around us sensationalizes negativity; such as newspapers, TV and radio news stations, etc. because they know the psychology of the human brain that MOST people will be drawn to the tragic negative stories before the positive ones.

Wherever you focus your energy, the energy flows and magnifies what it is you are thinking about—why not make it positive?!

Because of our biological propensity and the media encouraging it, we need to make a conscious effort to switch our mind from the less-than-positive to the positive; which can be done within a few seconds with practice!

You can actually reprogram your mind by taking a few moments to evaluate the situation and replace unproductive thoughts with more positive and beneficial thoughts. This may sound easier said than done, but like with anything else in life, practice makes it automatic and natural (i.e., When you learned the alphabet as a young child, you had to practice saying the letters every day and then make a song out of it. After much practice, you created a new neural pathway and now you don’t have to think twice about what the alphabet is!)

Here are four steps to begin practicing the process of positive thinking and reprogramming your mind:

1) Take in some big deep breaths. You can either breathe deeply in through your nose, filling your lungs to their full capacity and/or take in some deep breaths that make your belly expand and relax.

2) Think of something pleasant and relaxing. If you have the opportunity and are in a safe place, close your eyes, imagine and visualize a calm, serene place or situation.

3) Reframe the situation. If the situation catches you by surprise and you handle it the best way you know how, take what you learned from the situation and use it as a beneficial lesson for your life. Also, think about how you may be able to handle a situation like this in the future in a calmer, more productive way. Honor your gut and your heart because these are natural instincts.

4) Reengage in a positive way. To do this, you find something pleasant and positive about your surroundings or the situation and you start focusing on that. As soon as you shift your mind from the less-than-positive thoughts to the positive and put your energy toward what will make you feel happy, you should feel a shift of energy in your mind and body. Also, smiling and laughter are fantastic ways to improve your mood and create positive energy in your mind and body!

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