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Many of you may have heard the phrase, “Positive Psychology”. We all have a choice to perceive things in our lives as positive.  Two people can be looking at the same exact object and, because of their perception, they see two completely different things. Harvard Health Publications states:

“This relatively new field of research has been exploring how people and institutions can support the quest for increased satisfaction and meaning. It has uncovered several routes to happiness:
* Feeling good: seeking pleasurable emotions and sensations.
* Engaging fully: pursuing goals and activities that engage you fully.”
– Harvard Health Publications – Harvard Medical School – Trusted advice for a healthier life

I believe that most people from the beginning of time have been pursuing happiness. In fact, in our United States Constitution it states “the pursuit of happiness” is an unalienable right. Certainly, in the United States, we have bountiful freedoms to find happiness and enhance our lives in so many ways. Then, why is it that so many millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and related physical ailments,   despite the common belief that wealth and luxury brings happiness? This is one of the reasons why so many medical and psychiatric professionals are studying the concept of happiness and what truly brings us joy.

“The positive psychology movement, founded in part by Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD, former American Psychological Association (APA) President, focuses on enhancing what’s good in life rather than fixing what’s wrong. Twenty traits have been considered as personality characteristics that may be the ‘roots of a positive life,’ including the capacity to love and be loved, altruism, spirituality, creativity, courage and wisdom. Researchers in the field are studying the types of experiences that make people feel good, the personal traits that make up happiness and ways to create positive institutions.” – APA Monitor, January 2001

A good first step towards a happier life is to begin practicing positive thinking, which you can read more about here and download my free Positive Outlook MP3!

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