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Fall… the time of year where, in most areas, the weather starts cooling down. Some of the leaves are turning and, for many people, it is the trigger to get them in the holiday mood. Some people and several stores have already put up their Halloween decorations to begin the holiday season. Fall is also the time when most students are back in school—the hustle and bustle of school buses, parents dropping their kids off at school, all of the after school activities, sports, homework and then the excitement of the upcoming holidays are in full swing! Fall may also be the time that we start assessing how the year has progressed and we think about the New Year’s goals that we set in January.

In the beginning of October, we realize that there are only 90 more days left in the year. We may think about whether we have accomplished or superseded our expectations or if we’re going to give this last quarter of the year a huge boost to achieve and/or exceed the goals we set out to accomplish.

Wherever you are right now, do you have a strategy to complete this year on a positive and successful note? If so, congratulations! If you haven’t quite reached your goals, do you have a plan to do so by the end of year? Consider this your call-to-action to be motivated to close out this year on a positive note and begin 2016 with enthusiasm!

If you need or want help and/or a boost of encouragement and direction, call me and we will strategize together to achieve everything you want in your life personally and professionally!

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