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When you hear “happy holidays!”, what thoughts and feelings come up for you? For many people, the holidays are exciting, exhilarating, fun and festive! For others, the holidays bring up some negative thoughts and feelings, such as sadness (memories of holidays past), stress (due to all of the holiday hustle and bustle), or loneliness (for those who have gone through a separation/divorce or loss of a loved one). Some people get annoyed at all of the festivities, but it may be that those people have suffered loss or associate other negative feelings with the holidays.

Are you in the holiday spirit this year, or are you wishing it would just pass quickly? Maybe your loved ones live far away and you are unable to be with them. Do you get stressed out trying to please everyone else and not yourself? Do you end up going to multiple parties, splitting up time between your side of the family and your partner’s side of the family with people who EXPECT you to be with them? This hustle, bustle and expectation during the holidays can leave you frazzled.

If you can relate to any of these situations, make sure you take at least a few hours for yourself. Whether it’s going for a massage, having lunch with a close friend, or sitting in a quiet place reading a book, TAKE TIME FOR YOU!

For some, the holidays bring up being more charitable and generous with time, energy and money. Have you ever volunteered at a charitable organization, a church, a synagogue, homeless shelter, or a food-share drive? If so, how did that make you feel? Usually, people that contribute their time, effort and money to others get more out of it than the receiver. If you are feeling a little ‘under the weather’ this year, I encourage you to reach out to others. You may be surprised how just an hour or two of your time, kindness and love can affect someone in a positive way. Give out big hugs generously! Hugs are free, but they can make someone feel loved and like a million dollars! As you think about this holiday season, which is in full swing, ask yourself “what can I do for others, while also caring for myself?”

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