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Remember the movie, “Back to the Future”? In the movie, they stated that October 21st, 2015 (then, 30 years into the future) that we would have flying cars and trains! Frankly, I am really happy we don’t have flying cars (yet!) because the way some drivers (including me) navigate the streets now tells me that we would all need EXTENSIVE training on how to operate the flying vehicle! …

Although, technology has gone fast forward with computers and cell phones. Everything we want is literally at our fingertips! With the touch of a button, you can access any kind of information you want from anywhere in the world. So, actually, we have come a long way in the past 30 years. I remember when I first learned how to type, we used the old-fashioned black typewriters with the heavy keys that you had to punch down and when you finished your sentence, you would have to forcibly, physically grab the handle and push the carriage back to the left in order to continue the next line of text!

Now fast forward, here we are in 2015 and the technology is so advanced that you can type a document and send it through the internet without physically mailing it! Now we have the ability to communicate verbally and in writing anywhere in the world at any time. In fact, with one of the newest technologies (“Siri” or “Cortana”), all you have to do is speak commands into your phone and it will perform the action for you and write text and emails for you! I remember when I was little, my mother absolutely loved talking on the phone with her best friends. When my brother and I needed to find our mom, all we had to do is follow the telephone wire and there she was on the other end—on the phone with her best friend!

Although these technological mechanisms of communicating with one another are wonderful and can be beneficial, I have noticed that time spent face-to-face is diminishing. I believe that we humans need physical contact and eye-to-eye interaction in order to build good, healthy relationships and better communication. In fact, it is medically proven that we humans need physical human touch to thrive.

How are you using your technology today? When you communicate with others, are you communicating positive, beneficial, inspiring messages or just the opposite? Let’s create a movement to send messages verbally and in written words that inspire and motivate people to have a more positive outlook in life!


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