Are You Ready to Take Time for YOU?


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Welcome and enter into the “Emotional Spa”.  It is important to take time for yourself and bring your mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “fill your cup up first, and then you’ll be able to give more to others.”  This is about taking good care of yourself emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically.  In the therapy world, taking time for yourself is coined as ‘self-care’.  Self-care is important so that you can function more fully in all aspects of your life.

There are skills available that you can use to find peace and balance in any moment. Below are some tips to provide self-care on a daily basis.

  • Begin your day with gratefulness.  Think of three or more people and/or things that you appreciate.
  • Take in some deep breaths and do a few stretches.  Take a break and go outside, or even just open a window, to get some fresh air!
  • You may like to start your day with daily affirmations, prayers, meditation and/or exercise.  Do whatever resonates with you to put you in a positive state of mind and body.
  • Make healthy food choices throughout the day, because you will feel as good as the fuel you put inside your body.
  • Make an appointment at a spa and/or go for a massage. It is very therapeutic and relaxing and can actually improve your health!
  • If available, go to a lake, the ocean or a pool.  Water has many healing and relaxing properties! “66 percent of the human body and 75 percent of the human brain are made up of water,” (Colleen Danz, American Medical Association). I believe that this is probably the reason why many of us are drawn to areas of water.  This is also why it is so important to stay hydrated…
  • So, be sure to drink some fresh water!

Whenever you feel you need some self-care guidance, remember that hypnotherapy is a wonderful, therapeutic tool that can help you incorporate a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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