Is it the Full Moon?


Full MoonSince everything is energy, and everything is made up of molecules of energy, what is the energy you are feeling inside you and around you today? Many people believe, including some astronomers and astrologers, that the moon has an effect on our moods and even behaviors. “The moon’s gravitational pull causes two bulges of water on the Earth’s oceans—one where ocean waters face the moon and the pull is strongest and one where ocean waters face away from the moon and the pull is weakest. Both bulges cause high tides.” (National Geographic News, 2004, Moon Facts)  As you may conclude, the moon has a great effect on our planet Earth.  I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “It’s a full moon, anything could happen!”

So if you experience any changes in the energy inside you or around you in the next few days, could it be the moon?

Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help you shift your energy in a positive way!

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