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Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.With Spring in the air, what I think most about is blooming flowers, gentle breezes, fresh air, and intermittent showers with the sun breaking through. The first day of Spring is March 20th. For many, Spring break is a time to vacation, a time to enjoy family and friends and/or a time for relaxation. Spring also inspires people to “spring forward” in a positive direction with energy to be more physically active outdoors.

Spring also brings to mind motivation to “spring clean” homes, offices, vehicles, etc. for a fresh new start. Most people consider spring cleaning, as cleaning out their belongings— giving away clothing and shoes they no longer use, shredding old papers, weeding their yards and so on. When you physically clean and clear out the clutter, it actually has a positive mental and emotional effect that helps de-clutter your mind! When you let go of things in your life that you no longer need or want, it is a physical and emotional release of stress, anxiety, and even physical weight! Many people feel as though a weight has been lifted, which may also manifest in the physical release of body weight!

What is it in YOUR life that you would like to “spring clean” and let go of? Negative thoughts and feelings? Holding on to emotional pain? Letting go of the past, so that you can see clearly into your future is vital for your mind, body and spirit health and wellbeing. If you have created a mental vision and/or an actual vision board that depicts how you want your future to be, but your space and environment is cluttered with things from the past that no longer serve you well, then your vision will be clouded or blocked.

Hypnotherapy, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mindfulness coaching are wonderful and effective tools to help you break through to be the best you can be!


National Heart Health MonthWhen I think about the month of February, what first comes to mind is my heart and being “heart centered”. I also think about Valentine’s Day and what it means to me. February also marks my birthday, which is extra special because my son was born on the morning I turned 27, the best birthday present ever! So, naturally, I have many reasons why February is one of my favorite months of the year; and it just happens to be National Heart Health Month as well.

Are you taking good care of your heart? According to and the American Heart Association, the following are the most important tips to stay healthy and prevent heart disease (my remarks are in parenthesis):

  1. Healthy Eating (eat small, nutritious meals and snacks about every 3 hours throughout the day; i.e., lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and lots of water)

For more tips on healthy eating, click here.

  1. Weight Management (keeping your weight within 5 pounds of your ideal healthy weight)

To check your Body Mass Index (BMI) and find out what your ideal healthy weight is, click here.

  1. Physical Activity (every hour we need to get up, move our bodies and take in some deep breaths; i.e., go out for brisk walks at least 30 minutes per day)

For fitness basics, click here.

  1. Stress Management (positive thinking, finding pleasure in your life, gratitude and relaxation techniques are some of the keys to relieving stress)

For stress management tips, click here.

  1. Smoking Cessation (quitting smoking can save your life!)

For resources to quit smoking, click here.

6.  Get Restful Sleep (6-8 hours each night)

For resources to “Get Sleep Now”, click here.

For an article by the American Heart Association, click here.

With my specific expertise in hypnotherapy and my additional certification as a “hypnosis and weight-loss specialist”, I can help you along a heart-healthy path with all of the tips above!

Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.When you hear the phrase “sexy, savvy successful, women,” what do you think about?

What does “sexy” mean to you? Many of the women we see in ads and films have what we perceive to be the perfect bodies- tall, lean and curves in the “right places”. When I was a little girl I was raised playing with Barbie® dolls. “Barbie®” was always what I was aspiring to look like and always fell short (pun intended, I’m only 5’1″!- although, I never wanted to be blonde!). Fast forward to now – I am over 60 and have realized that being lean and healthy is simply a lifestyle that makes me feel good. Sexiness begins within your own mind and heart! I certainly believe and encourage all women to practice self-care, to eat healthfully, drink lots of water, exercise on a regular basis and take time for rest and relaxation. To me, all of that equals sexiness!

Self confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. While being easily approachable, be self confident in who you are, what you stand for and what you want in your life.

To be “savvy” is to be sharp-witted and intelligent in the realities of life. I would like you to take a moment right now to ponder what it is you are sharp-witted and knowledgeable about. Once you have done that, how does that make you feel? And what will you do to create a better life for yourself and those you care about? Even though it may be challenging to identify specifically what you are savvy about, think of something that you have accomplished, either personally or professionally, that gave you a feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction and fulfillment will point you toward that feeling of being savvy.

What does being “successful” mean to you? Is it that you raised a happy healthy family? Completed higher education? Started your own business? Or is it simply just to be content with how your life has unfolded? I know many people consider “being successful” as being financially wealthy and secure. How many people do you know that have an abundance of financial wealth but are not happy or healthy deep inside? How would you feel if you had a healthy balance in your life? Healthy mind, healthy body and healthy finances – all of this is possible! It all begins with your thoughts, your perceptions, your feelings and your actions (or inactions) which are always creating results in your life.

What is your vision of the sexiest, savviest and most successful woman? When you practice self care, self love, self awareness, self inspiration, this woman could be you!

Join us on Saturday February 6th to be your sexiest, savviest and most successful self just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating love of another or love for yourself, this will be a day that can change your life in a positive way! Register here!

Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht.No matter what your age, every woman wants to be sexy savvy and successful. You will absolutely want to join us at Rosanne’s new and improved “Sexy, Savvy, Successful Women’s Workshop” on Saturday, October 17th!

Once you walk through the doors, you will instantly feel the positive, sexy energy exuding in the air. You will be welcomed with open arms and enjoy a healthy light breakfast with coffee and tea. The positive energy will be all around you from all of the presenters, who are eager to share their expertise, tips and tools on how to be the sexiest, most savvy and successful woman you can be!

Rosanne will begin by taking you through a mental exercise to prepare you to be receptive to the wonderful, sexy information from all of the professional women. Since we women are so multi-facetted, there will be a range of presenters that will help you to enhance your life from the inside, out. You will learn how nutrition plays a big part in your overall health and sexiness, with Peggy Rosenberg and Luisa Kahdeman, along with natural products to enhance your intimate experiences with Roylin Downs! You will discover how having healthy teeth and a sexy smile can improve your self esteem with Muntean Dentistry. Rhonda Clure and her pole fitness program will show you how to “capture the very essences of who you are”. Holly Julier, CPT will demonstrate how Pilates can strengthen and develop your sexy body. Julie Kraschinsky will educate and demonstrate the importance of skin care in enhancing your facial features overall healthier, smoother skin. Enjoy experiencing affordable, high-end, unique LA-based clothing with Rebecca Bertram and Andrea Santillon-Michaels and accessories for every outfit from Deborah DeFoe’s designer fashion jewelry!

Throughout the day, Rosanne will take you through a variety of mental exercises to help you release any less-than-positive thoughts and feelings and help you to tap into the essence of your sexiness!

Join us October 17th for a unique, experiential, inspirational, motivational day!

REGISTER HERE by 10/10/15!

Do you stop and think before you do something, or are you impulsive? Do you sometimes jump to conclusions and wish you hadn’t? Are you mindful of the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel?  You can practice being mindful of every thought you think before it brings up emotions and drives you to take actions; always having the results you want in your mind.

When you have a goal or dream, do you ever think about what thoughts are going to propel you to the end result?  This is what “mindfulness coaching” is all about (and so much more).  In my hypnotherapy and life coaching practice I always incorporate mindfulness coaching and teach my clients how to stop and think before they do anything. For instance, with my weight-release clients, I have a mantra that I teach, “Stop and think, before you eat and drink.” What this means is that you actually stop yourself for a second, or even a few seconds, and think about what you are going to eat or drink and how it will affect your body.  You may have heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” This means you will feel as good as the fuel you put into your body. You will always experience a reaction to every action you take.

Mindfulness is a tool to use in every aspect of your life so you can refrain from experiencing ‘knee-jerk’ reactions.  It gives you space between feeling something and acting on it.  Instead of being impulsive or compulsive, you can learn to get in touch with your intuition which will then help you pause to stop and think, even for just a few seconds before creating the ripple effect.

Being mindful allows you to get in touch with your inner self so you can discover the vitality within and reach your highest potential.” Below are some steps to practice mindfulness.

  • Take a few moments to sit quietly in a safe, comfortable place.
  • Close your eyes and think about one of your deepest desires, and be aware of what thoughts are going through your mind.
  • Get in touch with those thoughts and ask yourself, “Are these thoughts going to get me what I really want?”
  • If those thoughts are not serving you well, take in a few deep breaths and begin to fill your mind with positive, productive thoughts that will help you get the results you desire.
  • Write down some alternative ideas and/or alternative solutions to all the “what-if’s” and negative thoughts.

For example, you are a college student and you only have one more year until you graduate to earn your degree.  You may begin to have some negative thoughts that can block your mind from coming up with solutions.  Instead, begin thinking about positive alternatives (like the examples below) that will be useful to help you with the future unknowns.

1) What if I don’t graduate on time?
a) Go to summer school and/or night school to complete your units.

2) What if after graduating with my degree, I can’t find a job?
a) Find an alternative job that is related to your degree to gain experience you may not have otherwise gained.

3) What if I find a job, but don’t like the atmosphere?
a) Make the best of the situation as you continue to seek other employment opportunities on your days off.

To learn more about mindfulness coaching and how it can help you achieve your goals and dreams, and to help you live your life to the fullest, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Slim Body - Lose Weight SeriesAre you tired of “yo-yo” dieting? What are you really hungry for? —Companionship, healthier relationships, a better career/job/business, to really be heard? You will never truly feel satisfied or satiated until you address what’s really ‘eating you’.

Now is the time to release the weight for good! One of the secrets of permanent weight release is also releasing negative and non-supportive beliefs, negative thinking, old habits and more. You will then begin to replace those negative feelings with positive, self-caring, self-loving and healthy feelings.

That’s where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis helps break unhealthy habits and create new healthy ones in your subconscious mind. In as little as 21-32 days, you begin ‘thinking’ like a lean and healthy person. You start creating new neuro-pathways, thus creating a lifestyle change.

Have you ever noticed that thin people don’t seem to really have to work at it? They naturally and automatically make healthy choices and exercise regularly. This is normal for them. Why? Because their patterns of eating healthfully and exercising regularly created neuro-pathways which have became a part of their normal, natural behavior.

I, Rosanne MacDonald, C.Ht., and Songmi Margolin present “Your Lean, Fit & Healthy Body For 2015 & Beyond!”  Join us for a 12-session program that will change your life and the way you think about food and your body!

You will be guided on an effective and powerful program for releasing and controlling weight the natural, healthy way for life! Start feeling good about your body and yourself today!

Click here for more information and to register for your life-changing experience.


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HypnoVitalityProper nutrition and a positive attitude are the keys.  When you wake up in the morning, do you rush around and go without breakfast?  Is coffee the first thing you put into your body, and then you are on your way?  And then, do you check your email, and your text messages and/or watch the news or read the newspaper?  If you start your day like this, you are possibly setting the tone for a day filled with stress, anxiety, low energy and lack of focus.

Just imagine beginning your day with thinking of people and things that you are grateful for, taking in some deep breaths, doing a few little stretches and then getting up and drinking some room-temperature water.  Within one hour of waking up, you have a high protein breakfast, such as: a protein shake, an egg or two, high-protein cereal (i.e., Kashi® GOLEAN® has 13g protein).  You can certainly enjoy a cup of coffee or tea WITH your breakfast, if you choose to.

The first hour in the morning, you are in the “alpha” state of mind which is the same state of mind you are in when you are in hypnosis.  You are suggestible and will absorb the words, sounds and images around you more easily than during the busy day.  That is why I always suggest that if you MUST watch or listen to the news and/or read the newspaper, do so during the day and not during this impressionable time in the morning.

Gut-brain connection, eating affects brain, nutrition and brain function, gut feelings, gut reactionsHave you ever had a “gut” feeling about something or someone? Some people may call it intuition, which it very well may be; but there is also actual science behind that “gut” feeling.   Harvard Health Publications (2013) wrote an article on a study proving that there is a definite, strong  connection between our gut and our brain.

By eating healthfully and giving your body the right nutrients you can actually improve your brain function. From personal experience, as a hypnotherapist with my clients, many of them, with their doctors’ supervision, have been able to diminish and/or eliminate some of their brain-altering medications through proper diet, nutrition, mindfulness and positive thinking.

Your gut also sends the message to your brain that you are satisfied or full. It takes 20 minutes or more for the gut to communicate that message to the brain. That’s why eating slowly and chewing your food well is not only good for your digestion, but it allows you to eat until you are just satisfied and not to overindulge.

Did you know that we have neurotransmitters in our “gut,” just as we do in our brains? In an article by Scientific American (2010), Michael Gershon refers to the gut as the “second brain” which contains “100 million neurons, more than in either the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system.”

Hopefully, knowing this will make you want to stop and think about what you are feeding your gut!  It’s so important to be mindful of the thoughts you think and the foods and beverages you drink every day!

Here’s to the health of your mind and body!


For help with your eating habits and weight, check out my Weight Release MP3s!

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Weight Loss — Lose Weight Now . . . Release it and never find it again!

Would you like to know the secret to how slim people think so you will never have to go on a diet ever again? Do you want to look and feel sexy and confident so you will attract the people and success you desire into your life? Create healthy lifestyle changes with ease.

How many times have you gone on a diet, lost weight, kept it off for a while and then . . . it slowly crept back on and you ended up weighing more than when you started?

Have you ever gone on a diet for a ‘special occasion’, looked great for that big event, and then after the ‘special occasion’ you started going back to your old habits and gained the weight back?

What is really weighing you down? Is it stress from your job, business, relationships, finances or overwhelmed with obligations? What are you really hungry for? Companionship, healthier relationships, a better career/job/business, to really be heard?

Are you the type of person that does things for and takes care of everyone else, but when it comes to yourself, you’re the last one on your ‘to do’ list?

Are you ‘stuffing’ your emotions down with food? After you’ve comforted yourself with food, are you still feeling stressed, tired, bored, angry, emotionally upset, guilty, disappointed, helpless or frustrated? Do you find it’s a temporary fix, and then you feel worse afterward? You will never truly feel satisfied or satiated until you address what’s really ‘eating you’.

Now is the time to ‘release’ the weight for good. One of the secrets of permanent weight release is also releasing negative and non-supportive beliefs, negative thinking, old habits and more. You will then begin to ‘replace’ those negative feelings with positive, self-caring, self-loving and healthy feelings.

If it was simply a matter of ‘dieting’, then that itself would be enough for most people. The trouble is diets alone fail to address the root of the problem. After all, don’t you have to mentally ‘decide’ to eat? What is it that’s making that decision? Isn’t it your mind? Is it your subconscious or conscious mind that drives you? Well, it’s both!

That’s where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis helps break unhealthy habits and create new healthy ones in your subconscious mind. In as little as 21-30 days, you begin ‘thinking’ like a lean and healthy person. You start creating new neuro-pathways, thus creating a lifestyle change.

Have you ever noticed that thin people don’t seem to really have to ‘work’ at it? They naturally and automatically make healthy choices and exercise regularly. This is ‘normal’ for them. Why? Because their patterns of eating healthfully and exercising regularly created neuro-pathways which have became a part of their normal behavior.

When you go on HypnoVitality’s 12-week journey, you will begin to naturally create these healthy behavior patterns for yourself as well.

HypnoVitality also has a 12-week live group weight release program that will change your life! You will be guided on an effective and powerful 12-week hypnosis program for reducing and easily controlling weight the natural, healthy way for life! Start feeling good about your body and yourself today! You’ll like what you see in the mirror!

Please click here for details!

Interested in Mp3 downloads?  Click Here!

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