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Does ADD or ADHD get in the way of you accomplishing what you need or want? Does your mind wander? Do you get distracted easily? Do you have a lot of projects you have not completed? Learn how to focus and concentrate on the things that are important to you. Relieve and control what’s holding you back and live a more efficient, effective, happier lifestyle.

Does your mind wander? Do you start something, get part-way through the task, then you lose focus, and your mind is somewhere else and it doesn’t come back to the original task you started? Do you get distracted easily while trying to complete a task? Have you been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?

You no longer have to feel frustrated. No matter what it is you need or want to complete, always remember why you need or want to do it. For example, if you’re in a classroom or taking an on-line course, there is usually an end result (a goal) you are headed for. It may be that you want to graduate so you can move on to the next level, or it’s a specific course for a specific degree, certification or licensing; remember why you want it. Then, think about all the benefits it will bring you once you’ve achieved it and good you will feel. You may also consider how it will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

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Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Be sure to stay nourished and hydrated throughout the day;
  • Refrain from sugary, chemical-laden foods and beverages (i.e., white processed sugar, white/bleached flour, nitrates, nitrites, MSG, artificial colors, additives, sweeteners and any other ingredient that isn’t derived naturally from nature itself.)
  • Before you begin any task, remind yourself of why you’re doing it and how good you will feel when it’s completed.
  • Focus like a laser beam or like an arrow trying to hit a bulls-eye target, and imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel.

Even if you’ve been diagnosed with or suspect you have ADD or ADHD, think about this: Have you ever watched a movie or read a book that you were really interested in and intrigued by? You became absorbed into the story, and when it was finished, you may be surprised about how long you remained focused! Have you ever played a video game and became so involved, you may not even hear or notice anything or anyone else around you? Maybe hours passed, and you even surprised yourself as to how long you were able to focus on that particular activity! So, are you really deficient in attention? When you want to and when you’re engaging in an activity you enjoy, it’s easy for you to focus!*

Allow me to help you through the power of your own subconscious mind. You will harness the power of your own mind . . . your most powerful tool!

*There are many cases that are helped by specific medications, but why not try the natural way with no chemical side effects! Always seek professional medical advice.

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